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Decoding Wire Coloring

August 8. Admin

Admit it; you have been assuming that wires are colored to make them look attractive. However, this assumption is far from reality, as each color has a different meaning in the world of cables. Yes, it is true that these colors make the dull-looking wires look pretty, but that’s not what these colors were intended for.

If you read the instructions laid by the US National Electrical Code, you will realize that white or grey color is used for neutral power conductors. The color green is used for protective ground. Here, the wires will have green as the base color with shiny yellow strives over it. In the case of power conductors, all colors except these may be used.

Wondering what the black wires resemble? Reds, blues, and blacks are used in the case of 208 VAC three-phase. Colors like brown and orange are made use of 480 VAC.

As far as the conductors more than #6 AWG are concerned, these come in only black color. Moreover, you’ll find them color taped in the ends.