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Polished Vs. Unpolished Floor Tiles

August 8. Admin

The kitchen is the heart of your house. Even if you have the best interior design in all the other rooms, you need to pay special attention to your kitchen. Picking the right tiles, the right colors, and the right texture for your kitchen contributes significantly to your food-cooking experience.

Wondering whether to choose polished stone floor tiles or not? The following guide lays out a distinction between polished and unpolished stone floor tiles. The focus laid here is on the type of stones used, walking experience, and overall look the stone tiles will deliver. Choose what suits you the best and wait no longer to get it fixed on your kitchen floor.

Stone Floor Tiles

If you wanna add tiles made from slate, granite, limestone, or other natural stones, then choose a stone tile that's both hard and attractive. Usually, stone tiles are porous in nature, and you'll have to refinish them every two to three years. If you are ready for the mess, then invest in such tiles without delay.

Now, there are two types of stone tiles you can invest in. One is the polished tiles, and the other one is the unpolished type. Stones can be polished to give a classy look to your kitchen. Polished tiles look appealing to the eyes and can alter your kitchen's entire look for good. However, you must not walk barefoot on wet polished flooring as you may slip.

On the other hand, if you do not invest in polished tiles and choose the unpolished ones, you'll be investing in hard, reliable stones that eliminate slipping risks. You may not like their dull appearance, but they'll definitely ensure safe walking.

Pick what matches your tastes and get it fixed on your floors.